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Multi-Lingual Information Sheets

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The Diversity in Action Forum (DIA) has produced an information leaflet translated into eight languages for migrant workers in Down District. This is part of an ongoing project to address the community safety needs of this growing community. Information about Down District is available in

  •     Bengali
  •     Cantonese
  •     English
  •     Latvian
  •     Lithuanian
  •     Mandarin
  •     Polish
  •     Portuguese
  •     Slovakian

and can be downloaded from the documents section (see right).

An English version is also available.

The leaflet gives information on day to day issues such as how to access a doctor or dentist, get in touch with the Emergency Services or find out about English classes. It will be distributed to Libraries, Council facilities, Job Centres, Citizens Advice Bureau, and local supermarkets.

Down District Council's website can be translated into several different languages by using the free software provided by Google. Following translation the homepage and all subsequent pages will be translated into the selected language.

Please allow for a brief delay as the translation takes place. Translations are carried out by computer software and not by a person, therefore, the translation is understandable but may have some inaccuracies.