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Current Contracts

CONTRACTS OF TENDER VALUE -  Awarded since 1st January 2009 


Type of Contract
Name of Successful Contractor
Unit Price / Annual Price
When due for Renewal:
IT Tascomi 3 years £62,625.00 over 3 years N/A
Supply of granite paving and kerbs Natural Stone Industrial N/A £184,070.50 N/A
Supply of Street Lighting Brahams Electrical N/A £152,151.00 N/A
Landfill Capping & Lining Tal Civil Engineering 6 months £735,329.92 N/A
Laboratory Services Scientific Analysis Laboratories 2 years £26,660.00 April 2011
Landfill Monitoring McLorinian Consulting Limited 2 years £12,000.00 April 2011
Branding Downpatrick ThinkingPlace Brough N/A £50,000.00 N/A
Evaluation of the Neighbourhood Renewal Williamson Consulting N/A £10,000.00 N/A
Downpatrick Baseline Data  Robert Shaw  N/A  £10,000.00  N/A
Tender for Play Facilities at Delamont Country Park Hawthorn Heights Ltd 6 weeks from 31st March 2011 £113,953.00 N/A