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Street Trading

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Down District Council is responsible for the regulation of Street Trading within its district.

This activity is regulated by the Street Trading Act (Northern Ireland) 2001.  This Act sets out a general prohibition on Street Trading, unless a trader has a Licence or a Temporary Licence granted by the District Council for the area in which trading is to take place.

Certain activities are exempt from requiring a licence such as:

  • Lawful markets
  • Roundsmen, eg. milkmen and coalmen
  • Traders who sell items or provide services on a door-to-door basis
  • Sales and collections for charitable purposes

The Council designates specific streets within its district as being suitable for Street Trading.  Traders are then required to apply for a Licence to trade from that designated site, which may be valid for up to 1 year.

The Council may issue one of three types of Licence to traders:

  • Stationary Licence – enables a trader to trade from a designated site.
    Licence Fee: £345.00.
  • Temporary Licence – will cover special events such as festivals, fairs, etc where a full-term Licence may not be appropriate.  This Licence cannot be granted for a period exceeding 7 days and no more than 5 Temporary Licences can be issued to any one applicant in a year.  Licence Fee: £75.00.
  • Mobile Licence – enables a trader to operate throughout the area or areas specified on the Licence and may include areas which are not designated.  If a mobile trader wishes to trade in more than one District Council area, separate Licences and separate authorisations will be required.  Licence Fee: £295.00. 


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